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Another Happy Customer!

We here at Homak Manufacturing take pride in our commitment to providing our valued customers with the highest quality products and services in the industry. Though they are not solicited, we often receive phone calls and letters of praise from satisfied mechanics, shop owners, and do-it-yourselfers around the world. Homak is proud to be held in such high regard! We understand that the most important aspect of any successful business is its customer base, and we strive to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. All day, every day - It's what we do here at Homak.

Here's what a few of you had to say about us:

"I was recently gifted a Homak 8 Gun Steel Security Cabinet from a friend (retired CHP lieutenant). I installed it in my garage, and after a day of shooting, realized that I had misplaced the two round keys. I looked you folks up on the Internet, learned that I could order replacement keys, and did just that. Recently, those keys arrived via 1st class mail - and whaddya know - they work like a million bucks! Thanks so much for the great and timely customer service. I'll certainly consider Homak when it's time to upgrade."

         Alex "Padre" Gonzalez, January 2014

"Hello, On July 22, 2013, I came home to the unimaginable; my house was burglarized. I live on a main road in a relatively rural town and never imagined that this would happen. The burglar(s) kicked in an exterior door to gain access to my garage after trying to get in through windows and went into my house, looking for valuable. I had one of your Homak 8 Gun Steel Cabinets mounted to a wall backed with 3/4 plywood in my basement. This Gun Cabinet is over ten years old and one of the locks was damaged due to being mistreated over the years. The door could only be secured with the top lock. I was really surprised as to how the cabinet held up to the beating it took. The burglars found tools in my basement and were able to pry open the bottom (unlocked) portion of the door out enough to bend it with a barbel. After doing so, they tried to break the top lock to get inside. They ended up bending the barbell, but did not break the top lock. It also appears that they spent some time trying to smash the top lock of the door without success. In the end, despite only having 1 lock to secure the door, nothing was taken from the cabinet before they gave up. I'm sure your newer style 4 point locking system is even more secure. As with most people that own these cabinets, the contents I stored inside were worth much more than the cabinet itself. That one top lock prevented the burglars from opening it and making off with some valuable guns. I only wish the jewelry that was stolen was inside this cabinet along with the guns. My Homak cabinet was completely trashed and is now useless, but the guns and ammo stored inside are still with me. Getting them out was not an easy feat for me. It took two of us, with a combined weight of over 550lbs, several attempts to break the lock. These are very economical gun cabinets that provide more than enough security for the average owner. Whatever I paid was certainly worth it. A friend was so convinced after seeing the pictures of mine and how well it held up with just one lock, he bought one within a few days.

I will be buying another one soon and will likely purchase an in-wall safe for other valuables."

         Paul Merola, August 2013

"Hi, my name is Karetha Davis and i live near Carney, Oklahoma. On May 19th, a F4 tornado destroyed two of our barnes and totally destroyed my sons mobile home. We found bits and pieces of his home scattered over 2 miles, but the only thing still in one piece was his Homak Gun Safe. It contained a single gun at the time of the tornado that, although slightly damaged, was still inside the safe when found. My son's name is Bobby and his grandpa bought him the safe 10 years ago. I am sure the warranty has expired, but thought you might want the safe for your advertising dept."

         Karetha Davis, June 2013

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my toolboxes this morning in PERFECT CONDITION! The pallet that was built for the toolboxes was the answer. I personally want to THANK YOU for your outstanding support and customer service. I am certain that these were delivered in this condition due to your personal intervention and professional service. Thank you all for all of your help and more importantly, seeing this through to the end. HOMAK makes a quality toolbox but their customer service is unmatched! You are the BEST and you have made the purchase of these toolboxes a very positive experience. Please pass on to your supervisor how pleased I am with your support."

         Charlie Hayes, July 2013

"...I love this toolbox. It's impeccable. Have recommended it to several people and had one person buy one as well."

         May 2013

"Almost 20 years ago, my husband and I purchased a Homak GC3000 Home Security Cabinet primarily to keep our firearms out of our children's reach. This past week, the cabinet more that paid for itself as it prevented thieves from stealing any of the guns locked inside. The door was damaged and bent, but it withstood. This was not one of your top of the line models, but the workmanship and quality of the product is commendable. We will be replacing it with another one of your products. Thank you!"

         Shelly McCurry, May 2012

"We got our missing handle today and I just installed it today. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much. I will be telling everyone of my great experience with Homak."

         Perry Neis

"I want to thank you, and all of Homak's staff, for you caring and efficient handling of my orders, and assisting me in solving my problems. Everyone I talked to was so very kind. All of you made it a good choice for me to fix my vintage Homak Gun Safe instead of purchasing a new one (which would have been another brand, as Sports Authority in Hawaii no longer carries Homak). The new cylinders and keys have arrived, and I cannot wait to install them! Thanks again to everyone. Much Aloha,"

         Thomas Fong, June 2012

"...Just received the locks from you for my Homak Gun Case. It took me about 5 minutes to install, and they work great! I thank you for going the extra mile."

         Greg Widmer

"Nice toolbox, I really like it... Very good construction quality."

         Chad Golden, August 2012

"By the way, I love the toolbox - it's awesome. All the guys at the shop with their Snap-On and Matco boxes are jealous."

         Chris Carter, September 2012

"Thanks... you were very patient and your customer service was perfect... Hard to find these days!"

         Tom Mertz

"Again, thank you for your amazing customer service."

         Ivy and Jan Eriksen








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